Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB SSD Console Bundle,Two Xbox Wireless Controllers Black & Blue $819.99
Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB SSD Console Bundle,One Xbox Wireless Controller,1x xbox headset & controller protective cover $799.99
38 Reviews

Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB SSD Console Bundle,One Xbox Wireless Controllers Black with Accessories

2 in stock


2 in stock

Power your dreams

Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever. Explore rich new worlds with 12 teraflops of raw graphic processing power, DirectX ray tracing, a custom SSD, and 4K gaming.*

Play more, wait less

Make the most of every gaming minute with Quick Resume, lightning-fast load times, and gameplay of up to 120 FPS—all powered by Xbox Velocity Architecture.*

Thousands of games ready to play

Enjoy digital games from four generations of Xbox, with hundreds of optimized titles that look and play better than ever.

Looks better, plays better

Minimize load times and increase frame rates with a custom-built NVMe SSD, which enables larger, more robust games to operate at their full capacity. Bring your games and movies to life with the rich, dynamic sound environments at a high quality.

What Included:
One Xbox Series X Console
One AC Power Adapter
One HDMI Cable
One Xbox Wireless Controller in Carbon Black

1x 10ft USB Type-C Charging Cable

1x HDMI Cable

1x Controller Protective Silicone Cover with 2 Caps

Brand: Microsoft

Console Type: System Video Game Consoles

Controllers Included: 1

4K HD Compatible: Yes

High Dynamic Range (HDR): Yes

Storage: 1TB SSD

Number of USB Port(s): 3

Total HDMI Outputs: 1

Wireless Compatibility: Wi-Fi

Games Included: No

Dimensions: 8.5×11.57×14.88 inches

Weight: 13.1 lbs

38 reviews for Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB SSD Console Bundle,One Xbox Wireless Controllers Black with Accessories

  1. Maria

    Excellent is the best word to describe this xbox series x. I been a gamer since the 1980s and this is by far the best console ever created.

  2. Keith M

    I’m one of those gamers that buys both Sony and Microsoft systems each go ’round. With the XSX, presentation was everything. From opening up the box and seeing how MS wrapped the XSX, it felt like I bought a premium product. Power up your new system, and you can transfer your existing content over in a flash. I love the SSD, and how quickly everything boots up compared to the previous One X/S

  3. Chrissy S

    Absolutely Incredible Console with Amazing Graphics, Super High Build Quality, etc.

  4. Greg & Kristen M.

    If you do, this is the thing to buy! They want to play it non-stop. The graphics and performance are fantastic. Build quality is rock solid. Controllers are great. To top that off, it makes it CRAZY easy for your kids to buy more games without bugging you for a credit card. Who doesn’t want that?!

  5. james

    The console does many things that make it feel next gen. This specific one is not mine but for a friend.

  6. Vinod

    I’ve never been so blown away by a console before, this system truly delivers on what Microsoft promised. Although there aren’t many games that can truly take advantage of the hardware performance the series x offers, the games that are x/s enhanced are otherworldly.

  7. Dimples926

    Definitely worth the wait. Faster downloads. Great speed.

  8. Christopher

    Finally got the Xbox series X after months of trying to get my hands on one

  9. Trevor D.

    The new Series X is absolutely amazing. It’s super fast and responsive, makes everything look better on a 4k TV (even non-120Hz tv’s), and was SUPER EASY TO SET UP via the Xbox app.

  10. Kera Moseley

    My son just received this and is truly amazed at how fast it is and the design. It out performs the specs on it. He is thrilled with how fast it is and it’s cooling system. I know this is the newest version but he says it is night and day compared the previous model. And he doesn’t mind the sleek mini refrigerator look. He actually really like it.

  11. Gracie Sheen

    The xbox is great!

  12. Justin

    Can not wait to play games on this thing, mostly for the newly released Elden Ring. Upgraded from an Xbox Series S just so I could play disc games again. Totally worth it. Would recommend getting dust filters for it as, as there’s not much stopping anything from flying on/into it. I’m also getting a cooling stand for it, but not because it runs hot or anything, just to improve the air circulation and lifespan of it as much as possible.

  13. debra

    I have tried to get this for a year. I was so excited. My son will be so happy. Great fast service.

  14. Peter

    Arrived on time and works as described. No foreign language writing, as some customers experienced. Very pleased.

  15. Tobey Cline

    He is gonna love it. Anything X box you can’t go wrong!

  16. Morgan

    It’s fast, the hype is real. Loads games in half to a quarter of the time quicker. All the games look amazing, and the quick resume is awesome as well. Just an overall great machine. Glad I was able to finally get one.

  17. A.M.

    This thing is a HUGE upgrade from the Xbox One. The 120 FPS is a big deal, even if you have poor internet, it helps make up for that. Definitely a buy for the gamer in your life.

  18. MR.J

    This Xbox was short in stock and I’ve waited so long to get one. The gaming experience is smooth and fast. The graphics look smooth and sharp on my 4K TV.

  19. jpot

    Exclusives aren’t there yet but the game pass ultimate subscription is a great value as had different games to try out. Loading is a lot quicker too.

  20. Ashley

    Received in 5 days. Graphics are amazing. Starts up fast and quiet as a mouse

  21. Amber Davis

    Works great and Xbox wasn’t open prior to purchase. The hubby loves it!

  22. Raul

    It’s a console for games and movies, TV features gone like watching cable tv but still so much power to do wonders, a streamer of opportunities, I’m amazed how a machine like this can do so much and with F1 lighting speed, so worth every cent, so glad to have made a great buy, thank you

  23. Jets

    New Xbox series x on point. Brand new easy to install.

  24. J. Merrill

    Loving my Series X! I love how quick load times are for games and being able to switch between multiple games. Resolution is insanely good.

  25. CAL

    3-5x the experience vs previous generation. $$$$ well spent.

  26. Jim Burwinkel

    When I played an online co-op game, my friend had much slower loading times when on a previous generation of the Xbox. When playing alone, the game loaded almost instantly. Great to see an upgrade from a prior version!

  27. Chandler Carlson

    Super fun to play and loads games fast.

  28. Tom R

    Not much to say it’s great. Big jump from Xbox one.

  29. Pablo D Rivera Torres

    I love my Xbox Series X is Huge but the resolution and memory worth the money

  30. Shannon Michaels

    Excellent updated version of an Xbox console. It has a much faster system and my boyfriend loves the all black color.

  31. Bandana

    Great system! Smooth, fast and reliable. Love it!

  32. James Cevallos

    This thing is beast of a console every game looks amazing auto hdr for is great and framerate boost on other older games is a game changer.

  33. CRob

    Works great nice upgrade

  34. Bekzod Djumanov

    One of the few products that actually grab my attention. Absolutely lovely home console for my kids.

  35. Tim

    Great product. Got exactly what was advertised.

  36. Colin

    This is an excellent console that achieves all my home media needs. I not only do all my gaming on the Xbox Series X owning over 600 games through 4 generations of Xbox, I also watch everything on my Xbox through apps like YouTube, HBO Max and Netflix.

  37. Nancy123

    One of the best consoles without a doubt, I’m not saying it being a fan of Microsoft I say it because I’ve tried many consoles and this is the best thanks to its power and gamepass.

  38. Katie

    It has great graphics and fast loading times and it play 4K blu rays and dvds and cds too and I love about it it can play og Xbox games Xbox 360 games and Xbox one games and Microsoft did a good job at making the console it is a best Xbox console by far

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